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What's new with my site?

Well quite a few things actually, but a few you cant see though - mainly tidying the directories up.
A big up-date for you poor PC users is the new page titles, while Mac users have been used to seeing this text it's not been available for you - so a bit of work in photoshop later.....
After the gallery changes, it was time to up-grade the guestbook making it a bit more difficult for access to spam-bots (I hope). Right now it's back to a general up-date of the main pages
So please bookmark the sitehttp://mudlark.info/ or www.mudlark.info/ and come back a bit more often
To add this year's albums in the Gallery, which were 'East Devon Lanes,' 'Trago Mud,' 'Radyr,' 'South Hams Lanes 1' and 'Lakeside Meet'
Just under a month saw me back at Trefil producing the 'Whit Trefil' gallery and then very recently a trip to the Plymouth area came up with the 'Bush Farm' gallery
The Tech section has now got the promised cam and balance belt change and will be having a head gasket change as soon as I get it titled and worded..

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What's been happening?

So after losing an engine, a head gasket and a gearbox was there anything else that could go wrong this year - I hope not - though I've been getting a bit of stick from forum Landy owners :)
Anyway now was the time to start modding, so start modding I did.
Armed with just a angle grinder, a drill a big vice and a mig welder I set to and produced a winch bumper from scratch.
The hardest part I think was getting the bull and the old bumper off, as always two bolts managed to hamper me even after using copious amounts of WD40, the bolts eventually succumbed to the angle grinder though
Although I have prioritized trialling with the All Wheel Drive Club, I've only managed one trial this year at Key Pitts, although I haven't managed to get the pics up yet. The reason for this is my tin tent
When I had the LWB I could convert the rear seats into a bed for overnighting - I can't do that with the SWB so a caravan was needed, and of course needed some work doing on it, which ate into my time and now it will be next month before I get back into trialling
As you read above I have now got another SWB and modding it for extreme work will be on the agenda. Just need to get used to it first and then.............. well have a look at the Lakeside Meet gallery and you'll see what I mean (BTW remember I had a seriously knocking gearbox during those pics)
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