This is the home page for the galleries 2005

The galleries have had one of the biggest updates on the site, each one being rebuilt from scratch to give a better look and feel. They now run as a slide show or can be stopped and viewed manually. Manual viewing allows you to either view each, one after another - a non-automatic slide show - or you can select a view directly from the thumbs at the bottom of the page

As I am a professional photographer you can expect a lot of galleries on this site. Each one is usually of a complete day and contains scenes of the off-roading and also some of the surrounding scenery.

Another change, when you click on galleries now you will get the current year, under the Galleries button on the left you will see other years to click on to enable you see the older photo galleries.

I hope you enjoy them

There are only five galleries for 2005, all of them taken in Wales and only one that didn't involve driving at Trefil. That one was at Wood Park where owner Jumbo made us feel very much at home, giving us instruction on handling a 4x4 off-road. It was avery enjoyable day where a lot was learnt and put into practice.
Back to Trefil - again and again. It seems that every time you go to Trefil there seems to be something different, or new, to do. The first time I went there was the first time I had been off-road, the second time was better not only for driving through the virgin snow but also because I was more confident.
By the next time I had been to Wood Park and was a lot more confident and knew what I was doing. The last Trefil outing was taken on a wet May bank holiday and I managed to get muddy.
As well as Trefil we also managed to get in some lanes - one to Merthyr Tydfil, and some others on Man Moel. Not to mention a barbeque to finish it all off.