Welcome to Mudlark Off-Road

Originally set up to share my joy in owning a Mitsubishi Shogun 2.3td, this site has now moved on to try and satiate the off-roading bug. So not only will you find Shogun stories and pictures but fragments of other marques as well.

Short History

I'm now on my third Shogun, this one a 1988 Mk1 2.5td SWB, the previous two ending up as shells on the scrapyard - it does mean I have a wealth of spares at the moment though. Before this one I had a 1995 Mk1 2.3td LWB, this was the one that I cut my off-roading teeth on and eventually convinced me that I needed a SWB for the type of off-roading I was doing.
My first Shogun was a 4 seater SWB 2.6 petrol model built in 1984

Not content with a standard vehicle I'm presently engaged in modifying the latest Shogun to see just how stuck I can get it!

Are you a blogger? Ever wondered what it's like to be doing something that most people think can't be done? Click on the Link and read the stories of the Shoguns and the various off-roading experiences I encounter

Featured 4 x 4's

Only the best I'm afraid like:

Shoguns, Pajeros, Monteros....

...Well maybe once, but now we need to dedicate space to those vehicles that make the Shogun the best.


I'm sure you'll get the picture

So what will you be seeing here?

Hundreds of pictures showing off-roading adventures all in the galleries. Follow my exploits as I find, and modify a 4x4 for extreme off-roading, which'll be in the Mods section. Don't forget to check out the Techie Stuff for how to do the simple maintenance jobs on the Shogun - Pajero - Montero range.
Things are constantly changing on the site, so keep up with the latest by going to the "What's New" page